Welcome to McGovern Art

The only purpose of this site is to allow those who may be interested to see what I've been painting. Enjoy!

About Terry McGovern

After retiring in 2004, I've been pursuing a long standing desire to paint. I showed some ability as a boy, acquired some training in High School and College and planned for an art career in Advertising. Vietnam, the U.S.Navy, family circumstances, and financial requirements all conspired to cause a change in plans. However, I did spend almost 40 years in the Ad business, retiring as President, CEO of one of Cleveland, Ohio's largest Advertising/Public Relations firms. I also spent 20 years in the Navy Reserves, retiring as a Commander. Along the way my wife Bernice, and I raised three great kids who have blessed us with six grandchildren. I've exhibited in a number of local juried shows and have received some recognition for the work. Now my only goal here is to bring a little joy to those who may like what they see.

Terry McGovern